LOW-E Coated Glass
Low-E coated glass (also known as LOW-E glass) is a film product composed of multiple layers of metal or other compounds coated on the surface of the glass. The product has a high transmittance for visible light and infrared (especially for mid-far infrared) Very high reflectivity, so it has good thermal insulation properties.
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Insulating glass
Insulating glass is a glass component formed by two or more pieces of glass with a certain width spaced by an aluminum frame filled with molecular sieve adsorbent inside, and then sealed and bonded with high-strength sealant on the sides.
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Tempered glass
Tempered glass is a glass that is heated to a softening temperature and then uniformly and rapidly cooled, so that the glass surface obtains compressive stress. During the cooling process, the exterior of the tempered glass solidifies due to rapid cooling, while the internal cooling is slow.
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Laminated glass
Laminated glass is a composite glass made by sandwiching a tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer between the glasses and processed by high temperature and high pressure.
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Bullet-proof glass
Bulletproof glass is composed of more than two pieces of glass (inorganic or organic glass) with PVB film glued at a certain temperature and a certain pressure in the middle layer.
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Stained glass
Color glazed glass is to print inorganic color glaze on the glass surface by screen printing machine, and then dried and sintered at high temperature to make the color glaze permanently attached to the glass surface.
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Fire-proof glass
Monolithic cesium-potassium fire-resistant glass is a kind of special glass composed of single-layer glass, which adopts a special process to chemically and physically treat the glass to achieve the corresponding fire resistance.
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